Fall Beer Taste Logo Design
Designing the logo for the Fall Beer Taste was a gratifying endeavor. The objective was to achieve a balance of masculinity, friendliness, and a touch of rustic charm. The resulting design serves as a professional and inviting representation, symbolizing the essence of autumn in the context of a delightful beer experience.
Fall Beer Taste - Alternative Logo Designs
Within this section of my design portfolio, I showcase alternative logo concepts that, while not selected as the final designs, illustrate creative and compelling alternatives explored throughout the design process.
Spooner Golf Club
In creating this logo, my goal was to ensure it could be translated into merchandise, embodying a masculine, sleek, and sophisticated aesthetic. The design captures a strong and refined essence, making it ideal for various applications, including merchandise, print material, and web.
Stone Lake Cranberry Festival - Button Design
I enjoyed creating a button for the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival to infuse a rustic, welcoming, and vintage vibe. The design was carefully crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, resonating seamlessly with the festival's ambiance and fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Friend Like Me - Branch Logo Creation
Designed a new logo for a branch company inspired by the leading company's logo, aiming for a distinct yet recognizable identity that maintains a connection with the overarching brand.
Streets of Sun Prairie
I designed the logo as a homage to the city of Sun Prairie, based on the actual layout of the city, aiming to seamlessly incorporate its features while maintaining a bold and inviting aesthetic.
Streets of Sun Prairie Sketches
This collection of sketches for Streets of Sun Prairie unveils alternative potential logos, each exploring distinctive design possibilities.
Ladies Night Out Logo
Creating the logo for Ladies Night Out was a joyous venture. I focused on crafting a design that radiates inclusivity and fun. The goal was to create not just a logo; but an invitation to an evening of camaraderie and celebration.
Sun Prairie Farmers Market
Crafting the logo for the Farmers Market was a rewarding endeavor. The primary focus was to instill a sense of inclusivity, community engagement, and welcoming ambiance. The resulting design serves as a professional representation, reflecting the market's commitment to fostering a sense of community and shared connection.

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