"Break down barriers between people and their ride!"
During my time at Saris, I worked both in-person and online under the art director and with many other folks on the team for various projects. I was often left on my own to complete tasks, including banners, brochures, sell sheets, emails, and photo editing, with feedback from the art director. I primarily worked with pc and adobe programs but also used various hands-on materials.
Saris Infrastructure Trifold
I assisted the art director in updating their prior Trifold to reflect the new photographs and company values.
Core Value Banners
Many of Saris's products are produced on-site. I made banners to emphasize the fundamental values to relate their ideals to all aspects of the company's operations.
Saris Bike Rack Display
Worked along with the creative director to create a product display shelf for retailers.
For Saris, the flamingo is a well-known figure, which may be seen on various items for the brand. My goal was to highlight it for the promotional card set. Procreate was used to sketch, and Illustrator was used to convert the sketch into a vector drawing.
Every year, Saris hosts a fundraiser for the foundation for children's bike parks. I wanted to make fun face cutouts for the children and their families. I used the drawing software Procreate for the initial sketches, made a vectorized version of it in Illustrator, printed it in-house, and then constructed it. To use less ink, the blue background was removed.
Creative Collaterals
Powerpoint, sell sheets, and Manuals
Formating and Layouts were done in InDesign
"Make cycling inclusive!"

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